Custom Software Development

Map a strategy, build a solution or elevate your product experience
with focused engagements available as standalone offerings or as a
part of your project’s service stack.

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We help businesses design
and build digital products

We’re a software design and development agency that
builds web and mobile products for our clients.

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Full-cycle servicing that covers every aspect of app production and implementation.

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    Perfect solution for your business

    Define the investment potential, technology stack, timeline, total cost of ownership and the ongoing maintenance required to launch and sustain a solution. Before beginning re-architecture or new development, we customize consulting engagements to examine your code base, align on current challenge areas and explore how to mitigate risks associated with leveraging existing code.

    Working confidently across diverse regulatory environments, we meet business needs with engaging experiences in digital health, finance, engineering, commerce, real estate, education and beyond.

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    01 Agile Software Development

    We believe in efficiency and we hate waste. That's why minimising risks of product development by releasing early and often, so we can maneuver into the good direction.
    Experts in Agile software development, our project managers, business analysts and certified scrum masters serve as liaisons combining your product vision with the domain expertise of our technical team. As your point-of-contact and resource coordinators, our project managers map the scope of your software build, forecast progress and break tasks into managed releases that align with schedule and project cost goals.

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    02 Software Testing Strategies

    Versed in comprehensive testing best practices, our analysts work with your team to identify, fix and prevent software quality issues through a custom mix of manual testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, automation engineering and continuous integration. VIP Montenegro also offers standalone software quality assessment and a managed-service automation framework built to help our clients manage cost, reduce time-to-market and increase test coverage.





    Our Process

    Our development processes are built around the three pillars of scrum method: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation and you get new "increments" of your product every week.

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